A personal rejection from concīs –

Greetings Trace,

[These ones didn’t escape the editorial gauntlet but we would definitely like to see more. You’ve made it through once before, you can certainly do so again! -c]

Thank you for your generosity in allowing us to consider “Smoke and Ash” for publication in concīs. The editorial process of a publication like ours is necessarily subjective—even apparently irrational.

Unfortunately, your work isn’t quite what we are looking for right now. BUT, we did feel it was important to note that your submission bounced back and forth between the editors quite a few times before landing in the “near miss” category. That doesn’t happen very often (though it can happen many times for the same author, so do not despair).

Do keep in mind that in addition to the inherent subjectivity of our reading (we’re happy to see work that doesn’t fit here get snapped up by editors elsewhere!), we will receive many thousands of submissions for the approximately 35 openings available in the Winter Season of concīs.

We hope you’ll keep an eye on what we publish in the future and not be dissuaded from trying again if you feel you have something suitable.


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